I often ramble, stumble, make a fool of myself, and I do it all in the pursuit of myself. This page is dedicated to all those who fall and laugh about it because even though it hurt when you went down at the speed of light, you got back up and came a little closer to finding yourself.

I dedicate this part of my blog and of my inner thoughts to those who are not afraid to fail, to leap into the unknown. It is for those of you who think outside the box with your heart and soul on your sleeve and do not give a hoot about the complexity of life others are always so confined by.

If you are out there you understand what I mean, if you are someone confined by the rules, you think I am crazy but maybe it is the crazy ones who reach true virtue because to be confined by invisible walls constructed by those who came before you does not seem to leave room for your own development.

Rethink your strategy, it may be the reason you have trouble answering the “Tell me about yourself” question often posed during an interview. If you stutter or prepare an impressive response beforehand, you do not know who you are and it might correlate with the pre-constructed system you use as shelter.