The sun has an odd way of bringing beauty to a canvas and a sense of warmth to a cold evening.

Water has an amazing feature: no matter how cold or warm or hot the wind may be, it always feels the same way between your toes and as you glide yours hand through it. Water also makes a wonderful sound when it flows rapidly downwards into an even grander body of water.

A sunset is both beautiful and scary. Beautiful because of the brightness and warmth of the sun. Beautiful because of the colors it creates on the horizon and the manner in which it seems close enough to touch: almost reachable. Scary because no matter how close it might seem, one will never reach it (not from the place one currently stands), nor will one touch or hold it in ones hands: it is unattainable.

Scary because it signifies the end of another day and the inevitable realization that you will be left with your actions from earlier in the day, at night, in your own minds silence. You will be left with recapping the days occurrences on your own time, and recapping is never, always, reassuring or pleasant.