A term so readily used and so poorly understood. The same could be said about the words: I love you.

I do not think logically or strategically in all aspects of my life, but when it comes to love I can (and am) as cold and clean-cut in my dealings as is needed. I sometimes don’t understand why I seem to apply that mindset to love and to relationships in general. I realized the answer, or re-realized it because I tend to forget why I am the way I am sometimes,  tonight after viewing Letters to Juliet via a website that offered pretty good quality video; thank you [site not to be named]!

Love should not be logical, or cold, or easily described. It is supposed to make you feel confused, frustrated, and disoriented. Love should take over every part of your person. Sometimes it will make you feel crazy and at other times it will give you the strength to tackle a problem, or a situation, that would otherwise terrify you. Being in love does not fall into the state of logical thought because there is nothing logical about it: you begin to think differently, act differently, dream differently, and in my case, you begin to plan (something I dislike to do and am rather bad at).

Being in love is not easy, but falling out is accomplishable. If and when you fall in love, you don’t think rationally or logically, all you know is that without the person onto whom you’ve bestowed your affection, you’d lose part of yourself, because without them, you are only half of a whole person. When you find yourself in this state, you’ve begun to think ahead. Thinking ahead can be viewed as a bit farfetched but it is actually a logical step: you should be interested in “imagining” a future because, if your love is true, the future is where you are headed.

You should be able to picture yourself growing old with them: so without them in your life who is it that you now picture by your side? Are they better, worse, similar, or are you simply unable to picture this other person? You should be able to imagine the children you’d “spawn” and care for jointly: so without them in your life what are children like now? who do they resemble and who cares for them along with you? do they make you happy? The questions are endless and the answers may be irrelevant.

The more important question is: Are you with the person who makes you want to find out the answers to the questions, and document the many funny and the not so funny moments, in life that will bring you to your outcome? If you are, you are lucky and an idiot if you let them go. If you are not, when you find them, make sure you keep them.

Love is messy and it is supposed to confuse you and make your heart skip a beat. When you fall in love, you sometimes change, it is part of growing within a relationship (as the relationship progresses, as do you and your partner: individually and jointly).

Logic kicks in when you get scared and the relationship seems to be off-balance.

You’re supposed to run after the person you’re in love with, not let them go; when you let them go, the logical thing for them to do is to accept your decision and move on. Your destiny no longer includes this person being your “other-half”.

Ones destiny changes, sometimes from ones own doing but more often the shift is based on the decisions of an others hand.