Ideas come and go, develop and falter, sprout and simmer. Ideas, like inspiration, share a relationship with desire; a kinship of sort.

Ideas may inspire or be inspired, desire is the driving force. Desire can (and should) be interchanged with passion (they often overlap, as do many other aspects of ones life). You cannot exactly pinpoint where either of the three come from (there original point of development is often more than one) but when that “aha” moment arrives it is typically sporadic, overwhelming, confusing, exciting: full-forced and without limits.

Full-forced and without limits can be daunting. Inhibitions, like expectations, can often lead to faltering when these moments arise. I find putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is the best way to release the truth. Inhibitions, like expectations, can be detrimental: they live within you and consume you bit by bit, much like a virus does to a program.


The Fray

This is not knew. I give my secrets away all the time. It is simply now (that seems to be) the time to burn some of the thoughts I wrote down: pen to paper, and let go.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and I share (at least two) inspirational mediums: true love and the future.