It is a complement of trust, and as such, difficult to acquire. Trust and belief are important in all aspects of life: daily activities, confidence, goal setting, relationships.

Without trust you are unable to move forward. Without belief you are unable to keep going. There are only ever a handful of people in your life that truly trust you and believe that you can and will accomplish what you want: these are the people you keep by your side. There is a larger pool of people who will tell you, you will fail: these are the people who do not trust in your word and do not believe in your ability (whatever your ability or unique trait may be) and these are the ones you do without. Of course, you cannot trust, believe, and inspire others without first possessing these qualities yourself.

I watched a good movie this past weekend. This is a song from the movie:

Doing the wrong things - Rebecca Young

Of course, without “doing the wrongs things”, one will never know when the right things come along. It all comes down to perspective and everyone has the ability to have a perspective that is better and brighter than the one they had yesterday.