They come in different lengths and with different meanings, often from numerous mouths, and once in a while you are able to find correlations between the saying’s of one, and the beliefs of another. It is often forgotten that in order to understand ones future, understanding ones past is vital. If one is unable to understand what makes “us” who we are, then how are we to determine who we want to be? Without a past, a future is bleak.

People often, when they find their past to be unpleasant, seek to run from it or ignore it, but this is not the healthiest of measures to take. It is often in our past that our greatest strengths, fears, and desires are vested. It is often in ones past that one is able to conclude which qualities will move forward and which will hit a standstill. It is in ones past, that lies ones future. This is not because ones past determines ones future but because it molds it; the more driven one is towards a better future, the more likely one is to succeed at reaching that goal.

All does not fall unto ones shoulders: the people we encounter, the lessons we learn, the mistakes we make, our successes and failures, the risks and rewards all play a part in determining the direction our minds, hearts, and bodies move in.

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand”.

This Native American saying is one that I like. To me being told something, does not make it true. To be shown something does not make it real. To be made part of something, to find a place where one belongs, is to find a place where one is involved the process of development and able to evolve from within. To understand is to possess knowledge and to be knowledgeable is to hold the ability to bring about wisdom.

Gomez - See The World

It is not so much about the shoes we wear but where those shoes travel and what is experienced.