I continuously find myself returning to the same question: what inspires a person?

Artists are a species of people I am quite keen on. The definition of an artist, as defined in webster’s dictionary is “one who professes and practices an imaginative art” or “one who is adept at something”. Quite the broad definition.

An artist is often associated with: movie star, painter, singer, dancer, literary writers. I find an artist exists in anyone who is willing to let go and create what they feel, believe, desire or see as being useful to someone/anyone. An artist has a vision and makes it reality, they are dreamers who act in the pursuit of realizing what is imagined.

I associate artist with: all of the aforementioned, mathematicians, programmers, advertisers, professors, textbook writers, planners, sports players, accountants, data manipulators, public speakers, the cashier who is about to have a meltdown but looks at you with a smile and asks how your day has been. Anyone can be an artist, yet only some accept it and even fewer embrace it and act.

I like Justin Nozuka, as a singer/songwriter, mostly because he has a good voice but also because he has gathered a fan-base one his own terms. He saved money to have his first cd produced, hasn’t changed much since he first started playing gigs and mostly plays small venues.

Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

I miss live concerts, played by unknown artists, who go on stage and sing because they love playing music and sharing their words with anyone willing to take time to listen.