Uncertainty is embedded in the natural world and even in the artificial. Nothing is for certain, even if the probabilities of certainty close in on 100.

Uncertainty can be scary and well most of the time it is, but uncertainty allows for progress, growth, innovation and everything “new”.

My newest favorite Ted Talk:

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome

People make the world go ‘round. People decide what to do when confronted with uncertainty. Sometimes it is more frightening and risky to accept certainty and what “is” at a certain time, knowing what will occur may be more overwhelming than considering what may occur. Cause and effect. Yes and No.

“None of us can predict the future but we do know one thing about it and that’s that it ain’t going to go according to plan.” - Neil Pasricha

There are always your firsts: first love, first fight, first ‘big break’, first panic attack, first steps, first embarrassing moments, first memorable experience. These firsts also often occur again and again: there exists a second time and a last.

Quite often the most memorable, at least in my book, are the firsts and the lasts, everything in between becomes part of the learning process. I have already experienced many firsts and I look forward to the moments when I experience the rest of my firsts and a couple of my lasts.

I have a long way to go. I have a lot left to learn.