Dear Andrew Belle,

You are a fantastic live performer. I will see you live again but for now I will be complacent with viewing your live performances via YouTube and listening to your cd via iTunes.

Thank you for being a creator and feeling-generator.

Side note: These are my most listened to - I thank you most for these :)


Mashup of lyrics: inspired

The static waves across the screen define this notion back and forth and in between like my emotion cause I know a lot about closing doors but not enough about what opens yours

I just wanna believe that we were made for something more than just what we can see just like all those pretty lights found in the sky

If you could see what I have seen then you’d believe in something: cause we’ve all got stars held in our eyes oh, oh

Stumbled upon it hmm, drew up a landscape climbed up a ladder to catch a glimpse of sunrise you know it’s never too late to un-follow the pattern

If your hearing this I must have made it through all that you can fake is quickly foreshadowed look out the window find the sky’s still blue

A visions a portrait its more than you will handle so swim in the notion nothing goes as planned and follow oh, oh the sky’s still blue