I have come to the realization that everyday I learn of something new, I refer to “new” in terms of being new to me and not necessarily others. The more I learn, the more I encounter - the more difficult it becomes to recall what I have read, what I have experienced and why I wanted to remember the “new” in the first place.

From May-June of 2010 my friend Ellen and I went on an adventure: we traveled through eight countries and 22 cities in a span of 31 days. It was physically exhausting (my backpack was filled to capacity and by the end of the trip we had a new luggage bag join us), emotionally taxing (at one point, all we did was argue- we missed our friends and family, our own beds and I missed my boyfriends (now ex-bf) weird ways). I kept a journal and attempted to jot down as much as I could so that years after the experience had passed, I could still recall all the ups and downs. Some of what I wrote is on the web but most is still in my private collection - saved as files or written inside different books and paper napkins.

The point is: I want to remember what I learn and be able to go back to the moment when I did. Writing affords me the former and the Internet (more precisely this blog) the latter. Each evening, for a year (this is my goal), I will write down one “new” piece of information or insight. The information may be from any source and in any form, it need not be relevant to preceding posts or my personal past experience - it need only be novel to me.