Fan of OpenOffice? How about LibreOffice?

LibreOffice: The info-session

Recently launched on 25 Jan 2011 and developed by The Document Foundation ensures LibreOffice 3.3 is both “stable” (no longer in beta/preview state), new and free.

It stems from 3.3 beta version and even features the same key developers. It’s negative on Oracle oversight and has better capabilities such as: better Calc features and graphics, improved features allowing for doc imports from Lotus Word Pro and Microsoft Works, SVG content import and edit capability via LibreOffice Draw. It’s good now and will release newer versions so it’s bound to get better.

While The Document Foundation functions outside Oracle and is seeking to be separate from, it is not its own entity. holds its legal assets, accepts donations for them and pays their infrastructure costs “and other things”. TDF has decided to become an entity of its own but of course nothing comes cheap. They developed the initiative “The 50,000 Euro Challenge” to raise funds through donations, in order to satisfy the minimum cash requirement necessary under German law, to be granted “foundation” status.

Open source projects I like, perhaps one day I will stop reading about you/using you/defending you and actually develop. Perhaps for now, I am in ‘chicken’ state but things always change. Till then!

Care for a download? They will even let you know which version is most compatible! How swell. How friendly. How welcoming. :)

Download LibreOffice

Donate to “The 50,000 Euro Challenge”