Barcelona, Barcelona! Not only do I miss your beaches, your wonderful shark-filled aquarium and wonderful atmosphere, I too miss the ‘magic’ fountain that lights up at night and performs a beautiful water-music synchronized dance - truly a sight to always be remembered.

[And back to the present]

A few days ago you welcomed the Mobile World Congress and of course it was held within walking distance from that very magical fountain. Some fantastic gadgets were on exhibition and just as you captured my heart so many months ago, a very pleasant device captured my geek-ness so very few hours ago.

Motorola ATRIX 4G: I look forward to meeting you and, if you’re really worth it (AT&T…just not a fan), making you mine! :)



What I like about you is a. you run Android and b. I can plug you into the laptop dock and in unison you become one. It is great connectivity and I am a big fan though you are priced a bit steep, especially for my college-study abroad-student budget, of course I am sure you’ll work on it. Ah and c. from what I gather, you are purely open source - bonus points. With you, I would have to fully (and with conviction) embrace my nerd-dome. I am rather certain I will destroy you from time-to-time but I promise to put you back together and keep logs…of everything.

Most of what I know about you thus far I have learned from BBCs ‘Click’ MWC-Barcelona coverage and Slash Gear writer Vincent Nyguyen’s review.

Now, if only someone would create a browser that didn’t make me feel like I was constantly being tracked and monitored. Every time a pop-up pops up, a cache copy is uploaded to my system, or my internet lags because I am consuming ‘too much’ bandwidth for the delight of my dormitory IT eye-watchers it becomes clearer: thinking you’re in private, is just that, a thought and no longer a reality. In really you’re a target of marketing campaigns, a revenue source, a statistic, an aggregate - 24/7.

It’d be nice to have a browser I didn’t attach “hope” to. One that actually did as I told it and deleted cookies and caches instead of finding ways to suck up my energy, memory and information. A browser packaged in a way such that I chose how much of myself to share and how much of myself to let become a statistic and a boxed ‘category n’. I would pay for that liberty, my information would also be more accurate. The less private a user chose to be the cheaper the service: an opt-in instead of a ‘just is’.