Is it so! The suggestion of a paradigm shift in the 21st century. Kuhn, what’s your verdict?

  • Experts: incentivized to democratize
  • Businesses: incentivized to become an open community; know thy staff - know thyself
  • Common Joe: incentivized to challenge experts and voice their opinion
  • Society: embrace all the above, challenge all the above and be open to vulnerability.

Accept doubt, uncertainty, chaos and with it you will find yourself ever closer to a truer (less bias and deviating) perspective on / of whatever it is you seek to know / answer.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

I like the overall point that is being made: be critical and understand that nothing is truly ever 100%. Experts have doubts.

An ‘expert’ is only ever as accurate and as ‘expert’ as those within their field allow them to be. Had it not been for Nicolaus Copernicus deciding to challenge Claudius Ptolemy’s theory where would that have left those who followed? Not far if they accepted things were just the way they are and nothing ever changes. It is people like Copernicus who set up the foundation for a paradigm shift whereas those who attempt to prove its merit and those who attempt to debunk it, are the ones who, jointly, ensure the shift cements.

Be critical. Demand and search for answers to what you do not know and challenge them. Refrain from creating empty loops and assumptions. You might not like what you uncover, you may not agree with it and you may find yourself with more questions. That is good. You passed point A and are reading for point B, C, D…..n.

It is far better to question and challenge the status quo than to accept it blindly and find yourself static state or even worse - in limbo.