I failed to track my something ‘new’ last night. I must be so enthusiastic about tracking what I learn that it is no longer enough to read about them, I must also experience them.

100: My body is conditioned to sleep a certain amount of hours, it is so well ‘conditioned’ that it will rebel if I do not comply.

I fell asleep at 1600 (8:00 pm) last night. I had just prepared a cup of tea and was reviewing my IT law assignments. I was preparing the layout and caught myself falling asleep. I knew this was good as I would surely have to re-read paragraphs for failure of an attention span. I decided to be reasonable and take a little nap. My 15 minute nap ended this morning when I awoke a bit before 7:00. I woke up before my alarm went off AND I woke up feeling refreshed and energized: Remarkable.

Once upon a time I could go an entire week with little sleep and short ‘naps’ typically taking place on a desk in the 24-hour room of Pace University without crashing and maintaining a relative level of sanity. I do not know when exactly my body became so heavily ‘conditioned’ but I have an idea about the culprit behind it: a friend who convinced me to sleep more and at regular / steady intervals.

Sleeping is important. I understand. My body understands it better than I do and it will force me to rest, regardless of how I ‘mentally’ feel.

You can condition your body to live any lifestyle and if it enjoys, it will condition you to sustain it.