A friend of mine from high school died today. I am not sure what happened but I can reasonably deduct what likely occurred. I do not want to contact our mutual friends, more so because I am miles away and I don’t really know what I would say: asking “why”/”what happened” doesn’t seem right and reminiscing will bring me down (it’s almost like being away makes it harder to sink-in). The last time I saw this friend of mine was two (almost three) years ago when he went up to New York to visit. Turns out he had moved up to New York and was living in the city until most recently. I must have just missed him.

Life is cut too short for some. Never understood and hardly accepted. One of those things that just is.

There are three things I will always remember about Ryan:

  • i. He liked driving fast in his mustang, especially because it always freaked me out.
  • ii. He was always boldly honest, with everyone.
  • iii. He always laughed from the heart.

He was one of the first friends I made after moving to Florida. He always made weird jokes and was a huge fan of Subways, probably because a mutual friend worked there.

People get caught up in what was, should have been, could be - often failing to realize what is. The beauty of life is that it can be anything you want to be, you just have to make sure you want what you think you want and need what you seek to keep. We have the power to pave our own paths, paving your own way is not easy: the best things in life are often worked for and fought for, it shows determination and will. It is what makes having what you need so special and worth keeping for eternity.