On Edge in Libya” is the title of the WSJ interactive graphic launched after the U.N Security Council granted permission for the use of military force against Col. Moammar Gadhafi on 17 March 2011.

As of then Allied forces have implemented a no-fly zone over Libya after reports of attacks breaking out in Benghazi.

I fight the interactive map quite helpful, with more developments the map will (hopefully) prove to be a good way to track developments and bring into perspective what is occurring in Libya, as well as what has occurred from 17 March.

“On Edge in Libya” has a key comprising:


On the map, each icon is linked to a description of the event and relevant occurrences. It would be helpful if articles, relating and relevant to each event, were provided. It would definitely assist in following the developments particularly with the immense amount of data floating around in the WWW.

I do however appreciate the WSJ’s attempt to provide a better means by which to understand circulating data and put it into context visually.