Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape: quite the attempt at producing / executing a viral video!I find the video witty, entertaining and clever. My favorite parts include the opening with the little boy lip syncing to Ke$ha’s song Like a G6, her clipboard, how she refers to the inability of her being able to simply state that Smartwater is tasty and everyone should buy it because she must now make a video that will become a virus - LOL, her reference to the “internet boys” and there striking geekness, and her little side remark “I’m fired” due to her failed attempts to reproduce the content of past viral successes.

Kudos to Jen and her “internet boys”.

I stumbled upon The Story of Stuff’s video on the bottled water lifecycle:

I got curious and did some mild research on Smartwater. Turns out Smartwater is:

  • distilled tap water and electrolytes with 10 mg of calcium, 15 mg of magnesium, and 10 mg of potassium per liter.
  • functions under other names such as Energy Brand and Glacéau.
  • Energy Brand / Glacéau (names are used interchangeably) is a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company.
  • J. Darius Bikoff founded Smartwater in May 1996.
  • v. Smartwater falls under the category of “enhanced” water, apparently because it contains electrolytes, which makes it “better” than regular tap water thus prompting for the price tag.
  • once upon a time, 50 Cent owned shares of Smartwater, as did LVMH.

That is all.