I attended a First Aid Certification course today. It was pretty interesting.

Things I learned:

i. DRSABC(D) as in…

  • D for Danger - look for and remove risks & hazards
  • R for Response - check if person is responsive
  • S for Shout for Help - make sure there is always one more person around
  • A for Airway - tilt head back and lift chin to open persons airway
  • B for Breathing - look, listen and feel (abdomen) for normal breathing
  • ***If person is breathing place them on their side and monitor.
  • ***If person is not breathing call emergency number (UK = 999) and follow C / D
  • C for Circulation - administer CPR, 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths, repeat until further assistance arrives.
  • D for Defibrillator - use if available when person stops breathing and assistance has not arrived.

ii. Shocks are very common and the best way antidote is to distract the person and help them calm down.

iii. The most common injury among men, concerning electric shock, occurs from sticking a fork into the toaster without unplugging it first.

iv. Most people will say they are ‘fine’ when they are not.

v. Most people will refuse an ambulance even when it is clear they need one.

vi. If a person is injured and there is an object penetrated where they’ve been injured, Do Not remove the object as it is likely working as a blocking agent. Use padding and tape (in triangular form) to secure the object and phone an ambulance immediately.

vii. People use toothpaste on burns, that is a myth as it does not work. The best remedy for a mild burn is cold running water, if you can soak the burned area in water that is better. Being sun burned is a burn and does requie more than just some cream and some light clothing. If it itches, it hasn’t heeled.

I received a small book with information on what to do in varied cases.

Completing a First Aid Certification course is worth the time and money.