Sitting for long periods is not good! It may even be a catalyst for those in creative fields.

I hadn’t thought much about it before but there is certainly something behind this idea that sitting makes us (humans) feel confined. It is like when mom and dad placed me in a secure seat for babies - confined and kept in place with minimal room for curiosity induced actions.

Farhad Manjoo touches base on why sitting is not the best for creative folks and the type of desk that assists:

“I suspect that this is because when you’re standing, you feel a bit unchained from your desk. If I got stuck on a word or sentence as I wrote, I found myself shaking my arms, bouncing on my feet or stepping away from the desk for a bit — things I couldn’t do in a chair. Often, the antsy-ness seemed to relax my mind enough for me to get over my creative hurdle.” (Source: NYT, Can’t Stand to Sit Too Long? There’s a Desk for That

Donovan McNutt is founder at GeekDesk, an online furniture company, he is also a computer programmer which means he understands the daunting task of sitting for long periods of time staring at a computer and going crazy from coding. It is an art to code, it takes great patience - I’ve veered off topic. Manjoo tested one of GeekDesk’s desk and found (after adjusting to the varying heights) that when undertaking tasks leaning on the creative spectrum standing promoted the best results and sitting worked well when browsing the web and conducting mechanical type work.

Adjustable desks are pricey, as such I look forward to the day when they become available to the masses so that not only are office space’s open floor plan but also vertically adjustable and deviating in height depending on the team, hour of day and task being undertaken. It will make for great photos.