One of the most fascinating projects to join the Google network - a masterpiece in its own right.

Google Art Project

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is my favorite museum as well, I can walk through its halls and get lost in its wonder. I am a fan of museums and art work and only because I love to attempt a connection with the artist and to feel what they felt as they created their masterpieces and ponder about whether or not they intended to create such beauty or it ‘just happened’. Art is as much technique as it is chaos and emotion, for that reason it is a true treasure of mine. To be able to revisit a place I’ve been and see an art piece I remember viewing having failed to jot down the artists name or the artwork’s information in order to explore more about the artist and his / her work online later in the day, is an extension of the experience itself. Being able to rekindle the wonder online is not a replacement, it is a supplement and another avenue for exploration.

I went packing with a friend last summer, I spent my museum visits taking notes, jotting down artists names, dates and artwork titles. I was sure to take note of the museum I was visiting and created side notes to remind myself of why the painting or artist was of particular interest to me. The more museums I visited the nicer it was to find pieces by the same artist, this too was something I took note of. Upon returning to New York, I was unable to find a. my cell phone and b. my book. I was able to replace my cell phone whereas my book and all my notes are forever lost. GoogleArtProject has brought a few pieces of my book back to me and added some more sites to my list of “Places I Must Go”.

Thank you to Google for being a pioneer in allotting Amit Sood the time and team to follow through with this project. Thank you Amit Sood for making an idea a reality and sharing it with the world. Thank you to the museums who partnered with Google and Amit Sood in an effort to bring this fascinating tool to the masses. Quite honestly, words cannot start to show my gratitude.

This is a tool I hope to explore in all its depth.