You go through life dreaming of what can be.
You go to bed wishing for The Moment to arrive.

The moment when you realize:
Who you’re meant to be,
Who you’re meant to be with,
Where you’re meant to go.

In a moment, your life can change.

You wake from the dream.
You hit a road block, and it all seems a huge facade.
You’re left disoriented and malnourished.
Dehydration becomes your salvation.

It’s easier to feel unease, pain, and discomfort.
It’s easier to run ‘til you can’t breathe,
‘Til you’ve sweat all your tears away.

In a moment, your life will change.

You’ll understand why it’s always easier to dream.
You’ll realize it’s always easier to go to bed wishing for more.

Wishing for what can, should, might, will be.

In a moment, your perspective becomes another.
It will always be harder to accept you have it all,
Because for some reason, it Always seems scarier to accept you’re happy.

Having your dreams come true and your wishes granted, is both a blessing and a curse.

You are left with the realization that you are no longer the one with nothing to lose and, everything to gain. You’re volunerable, in a way you’ve never been before.

In a moment, your life can change.

You become the one who loves their life.
You become the one who didn’t settle.
You’re the one who loves the people that surrounds them.
You’re the one whose smile is true and honest.

You become the one who knows:
What their meant to do.
Who they want to be with.
Where they belong.

You have everything. Everything to lose.
Your life is no longer a dream, it’s your reality.
Terrifying only because, in A moment, your life will change again.
You can stop it.